Throne of Glass Pronunciation Guide

A week ago, I finished reading Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2). And OH MY GOODNESS! The feels guys. MY HEART JUST DIED. I'm working on my review of Throne of Glass right now. I'll be posting it here soon and Crown of Midnight right after. For the moment, all I can say is...EPIC!

Anyway, As I was reading Throne of Glass I had a hard time figuring out how to pronounce Celaena Sardothien's name. Same thing goes to Wyrdmarks, Choal Westfall, Eyllwe, Erilea and others. I was really curious! And when I was on Tumblr, I came across this picture...

a pronunciation guide for THONE OF GLASS FANS who's having a hard time pronouncing particular words!

Some of you perhaps has known the pronunciation or maybe you've seen this picture already, but I thought it's worth to share. So for those of you who have read Throne of Glass and has not learned the pronunciation of words such as Wyrdmarks, here's a guide:

Hope this helped you in some ways!

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