Review: Champion by Karren Rens Sena

Book Title: Champion (The Lost Chronicle of Eden )
Author: Karren Renz Sena
Genre(s): Fiction, Paranormal
Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.
Publication Date:  September 2014
Source: e-book from publisher, Thank you!
Rating: 5/5 stars!
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Present day, Cielos, the city closest to heaven. The Sword of Sargatanas has been stolen from the most powerful stronghold in Cielterra. When used at a time when the planets align, the sword has the power to open Gate Pandora and unleash unto the Worlds legions upon legions of monsters and beasts from hell.

Present day, location undisclosed. One clueless Human acquaints himself with the barrel of a gun—belonging to the woman he almost fell in love with, no less—and finds himself kidnapped and whisked to a world standing on the brink of war. 

The Worlds—both visible and invisible to us—are in danger. The Towers that guard the Flaming Sword of Eden have chosen the heroes. It just so happened that the heroes aren’t really… hero-material. Not at all. 

Seven angry, sarcastic, violent, belligerent, uncaring and uncompassionate young men and women were forced to team up to stop a possible apocalypse from happening. As they journey towards the Far West to retrieve the stolen sword, the seven Champions brave one trial after another (including, but not limited to, falling in love with ill-tempered bullies) and ultimately find out what it means to become a true hero.

I have never truly appreciated Filipino fiction writers until now. Karren has this prowess of drawing the reader into the mystical world she created. She opened a door of opportunity for me to embark more on my country's written works. She changed how I see Filipino writers and I'm thankful for that. 

I am lost for words to describe what I feel about this book other than remarkable; simply remarkable! Not very creative there, I know. But it really was. The characters' stories were given emphasis, and I like how I can see through the mask they're putting up. It was right before my eyes, from their unsaid feelings of gratefulness to inner despair. I can relate to them and feel their spirit. I couldn't ignore the feeling of being connected to the characters. And honestly, I have grown attached to them, making me teary-eyed when I reached the end. I quite miss them already. 

My heart goes to Solenn's cranky personality. Not that I don't like the others, in fact I love them all! Solenn just have this way of making you like her more. She stood out among the seven characters. I adore the I-don't-care feign look she puts up in front of her friends. And don't get me started on her rebellious side. She complains a lot.

The other characters were developed too but not as much as Solenn. I dearly enjoyed Mateo and Joana although they're not the focus in the book. They're the techie in the group and I just have this "thing" with technology savvy people. Besides, they're so cute! I ship them hard. Gabriel is also a great character, same goes to Selina and Lukas. Solomon stood out but not reaching Solenn's level. He and Solenn are twins and they're inseparable. Their relationship is well-built. And I like how the author valued it. 

The characters showed diversity of personality. They have their differences and quirks. And despite all that, they worked as a coordinated group willing to do anything for the sake of their friends.

The story flowed well. There were no dull moments. It kept me at the edge of my seat. So just imagine how fast I read this book. Perhaps, faster than I should be because I ended up so sad- there were no pages left to read!

Champion is a tale of heroism and self-discovery that hands you a sense of epiphany. It's a story about seven chosen warriors fighting against the evils in the world and the darkness within themselves. This book falls under my favorite reads this year.


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