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Hi there!

I can't believe it's been ages without posting anything! A lot has happened during those months I'm away blogging so there's a lot of catching up to do. From this day on, I'll probably won't be able to update regularly due to school, which is sad. But when I have the time, I'll make sure to post and visit your blogs and comment as well.

As of now, my apologies for the inconvenience you're experiencing on my blog. I'm currently working on reviving some of my posts because my newbie skills in coding has messed it up a bit. Haha. TIP: don't do your own blog design unless you actually know what you're coding XD

Anyway, as I said earlier I won't be able to upload posts regularly but I'll try as much as possible despite my hectic schedule because I miss blogging so much that it hurts and I miss you guys too. Lemme give you a virtual hug!

Ciao for now! See you around :)


Sharmaine Omega

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